LIBRARIA : Jurnal Ilmu Perpustakaan dan Informasi <p>Journal ilmiah memuat tentang kepustakawanan, informasi dan dokumentasi</p> FPPTI Jawa Tengah en-US LIBRARIA : Jurnal Ilmu Perpustakaan dan Informasi 2088-7310 STRATEGI MENINGKATKAN LITERASI DAN MINAT BACA MELALUI PROMOTIONAL MIX DI PERPUSTAKAAN UNNES <p>Libraries have an important role in higher education, especially in&nbsp;research and development activities, innovation, and scientific engineering.&nbsp;This&nbsp;important role, among&nbsp;others,&nbsp;is&nbsp;due to&nbsp;its&nbsp;services&nbsp;in&nbsp;the&nbsp;development&nbsp;and processing, restoration of library materials, in addition to&nbsp;carrying&nbsp;out library&nbsp;administration&nbsp;duties.&nbsp;Besides&nbsp;&nbsp;that,&nbsp;the&nbsp;library&nbsp;also&nbsp;has&nbsp;functions of&nbsp;education,&nbsp;information&nbsp;sources, recreation,&nbsp;publication,&nbsp;and information deposit. However, in its development, these&nbsp;functions&nbsp;have not been carried out optimally by the library, in this case&nbsp;the&nbsp;Semarang State University Library (UNNES). This is because there&nbsp;has&nbsp;been no significant breakthrough, so it seems that the library is only&nbsp;needed&nbsp;when the user (read: student) is working on a thesis or final&nbsp;project&nbsp;as a requirement for graduation. Based on this understanding&nbsp;and&nbsp;by adapting marketing concepts, this paper intends to describe the&nbsp;promotional&nbsp;&nbsp;mix concept and&nbsp;its&nbsp;pplication to increase literacy and&nbsp;reading&nbsp;interest among readers.</p> Dina Nurcahyani Kusumastuti M.Z. Eko Handoyo ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-02-19 2021-02-19 1 15 LAYANAN SIRKULASI PERPUSTAKAAN DI MASA NEW NORMAL: UPAYA PUSTAKAWAN UNNES DALAM MENINGKATKAN JASA LAYANAN KEPADA PEMUSTAKA <p>The &nbsp;existence of a university library has a very important &nbsp;role in &nbsp;the process of transferring science and &nbsp;technology, as well as in supporting the activities of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education; research, teaching, and &nbsp;community service. In &nbsp;the current Covid-19 pandemic, it can &nbsp;be said that &nbsp;almost all libraries are also affected in &nbsp;providing &nbsp;services to librarians. Not a few libraries in the early days of the pandemic &nbsp;closed their services, as well as some that continued to open services virtually (digital / online). This situation &nbsp;had stopped for quite a long time. Then the situation moved to the New Normal era, where in this period the library began to adjust its situation, &nbsp;regarding its library service model. There are those who open services entirely online, &nbsp;where libraries do not open services in the form of library visits, there are also those that open online and &nbsp;offline with modifications &nbsp;at some of their service points. This also happened &nbsp;in&nbsp; the Semarang &nbsp;State University Library, which during &nbsp;the New Normal &nbsp;period opened its services gradually. &nbsp;The following article attempts to describe the library services of Semarang &nbsp;State University, more specifically in the section on circulation (borrowing and returning library materials (books).</p> Setyarini* . M.Z. Eko Handoyo ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-02-19 2021-02-19 17 30 PERANAN LAYANAN PERPUSTAKAAN TERHADAP PRESTASI MAHASISWA DI UNIVERSITAS MUHAMMADIYAH SURAKARTA <p>The Library of the Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta &nbsp;(UMS) is a center for academic activities based on information technology and has been accredited “A”. The main product of the library is a service. Service is the spearhead of the library because it is directly related to users. This study aims to determine the role of (1) service; (2) infrastructure / facil- ities and &nbsp;(3) &nbsp;library collections /&nbsp; information on student achievement index. The research method used is the quantity method using the product moment statistical test (Pearson correlation). The results showed that (1) UMS library service was good according to most respondents but there was no relationship between library services and student achievement index because t count &nbsp;was less than &nbsp;t table (0.250 &nbsp;&lt;0.279); (2) &nbsp;respondents stated that the infrastructure / facilities and &nbsp;infrastructure of the UMS library were in accordance with the expectations of students, but there was no significant &nbsp;relationship between infrastructure /&nbsp; facilities and infrastructure with the student achievement&nbsp; index &nbsp;because t count &nbsp;&lt;t table (0.106 &lt;0.279); (3) &nbsp;there is a significant &nbsp;relationship between the collection / information of the UMS library on the student achievement index &nbsp;where t (0.307)&gt; t table (0.279).</p> Maria Husnun Nisa Anisa Russitawati Abdilah Masyrifah Ayu Azny Mansur Hidayat ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-02-19 2021-02-19 31 50 PERAN RUMAH PINTAR UNIVERSITAS BRAWIJAYA DALAM MEWUJUDKAN GERAKAN LITERASI INFORMASI DI KOTA MALANG <p>Universitas Brawijaya Library &nbsp;has one of the leading &nbsp;work programs in the development and &nbsp;cooperation section, namely &nbsp;managing Smart Homes, because not all universities in Indonesia &nbsp;have this facility as an effort to improve education and &nbsp;community service in realizing an in- formation literate society. The research method is a case study by directly participating &nbsp;in every activity in the Universitas Brawijaya smart house. The &nbsp;results of this study are to describe in &nbsp;detail&nbsp; the activities of work programs that have been carried out in the Smart House of Brawijaya University &nbsp;in &nbsp;order to obtain &nbsp;a clear picture of the importance &nbsp;of the existence of the Smart House &nbsp;in &nbsp;Brawijaya University because it plays a very important &nbsp;role in realizing information literacy in Malang &nbsp;City.</p> Kurniasih Yuni Pratiwi Suprihatin . ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-02-19 2021-02-19 51 66 KODE ETIK PUSTAKAWAN: HUBUNGAN PUSTAKAWAN DENGAN MASYARAKAT DI DINAS PERPUSTAKAAN DAN KE.ARSIPAN KOTA MEDAN <p>This research took place at the Medan City Archives and Library Service. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between li- brarians and &nbsp;the community at the Medan &nbsp;City &nbsp;Archives and &nbsp;Library Service. This type of research uses qualitative methods with a descriptive approach. Data collection methods used were observation, documenta- tion and interviews. The results of this study indicate that the relationship between the librarian and &nbsp;the community in the Department of Library and Archives of Medan City has been implemented well. Librarians carry out their duties and &nbsp;responsibilities as best as possible to the people who come or visit the Medan City Archives and Library Service. This research is an &nbsp;input &nbsp;for all librarians to have good ethics in &nbsp;carrying out their profession as librarian.</p> Nur’aini . Laila Hadri Nasution ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-02-19 2021-02-19 67 77 KERANGKA METODOLOGI KAJIAN RESISTENSI PEREMPUAN PEMBACA NOVEL CHICK LITERATURE PADA APLIKASI WATTPAD <p>This&nbsp; paper aims to offer a methodological &nbsp;framework for the study of resistance of female readers of the chick lit novel on Wattpad. It is hoped that&nbsp; the methodological &nbsp;framework will become the basis for other re- searchers to continue to research. An example of the object of study is the novel Prejudice meets Pride with the production &nbsp;of literary works and various genres. The critical contextualist approach was conceptualized by the author to examine resistance, focus on context, and with dialogic validity &nbsp;whose characteristics include &nbsp;truthfulness, self reflexivity, and polivocality.</p> Endang Fatmawati ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-02-19 2021-02-19 79 100 TEKS, PENGETAHUAN, DAN MENULIS <p>Artikel ini &nbsp;bertemakan &nbsp;relasi membaca &nbsp;dan &nbsp;pengetahuan, dimaksud- kan sebagai upaya &nbsp;mendeskrispikan keterkaitan yang perlu dipahami antara keduanya. Metode yang digunakan dalam &nbsp;penulisan ini adalah metode kualitatif dengan pendekatan grounded theory yang mengambil pemikiran &nbsp;beberapa tokoh dekonstruksi yang&nbsp; membicarakan pemak- naan teks yang berkelanjutan. Adapun hasil kajian &nbsp;ini adalah bahwa teks dan pengetahuan adalah sebuah satu kesatuan, sementara menulis adalah salah satu bagian &nbsp;dari metode internaslisasi substansi dari teks maupun pengetahuan itu sendiri.</p> Wiji Suwarno ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-02-19 2021-02-19 101 117