Learning Commons: Sebuah Strategi Layanan Perpustakaan

  • Anisa Sri Restanti
Keywords: Learning commons, Library Services, Library brand image


The development of information technology brings various changes in all
aspects of life. In today’s era, the diversity of information sources with the
ease of access in search engines integrated into the internet becomes commonplace.
The behavior of the user begins to change with the birth of the net
generation. The library seems to be demanded by technological developments
that are so rapidly innovating in improving the quality of its services. Learning
commons is a concept that can be applied in libraries to always be close
to the user and not left them. This writing discusses various things related
to learning commons. This study was conducted to determine the benefits
of learning commons and to know how the challenges and application of
learning commons in the library. This study uses literature study method.
The results of the study show that the implementation of learning commons
in the library can strengthen the library’s brand image and improve the
quality of library services. Based on these results can be concluded that the
application of learning commons can be used as a service strategy in the
library and can defend the existence of libraries in the digital era.


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