Penguatan Publikasi Ilmiah Dosen Melalui Kiprah Pustakawan Perguruan Tinggi

  • Endang Fatmawati Universitas Diponegoro, Semarang
Keywords: dissemination, lecturers, scientific publications, reputation, institutional visibility.


Librarians as educational staff in universities have a wide role among the
academic community. Increased competence for librarians and collaboration
is the basis for their existence to be required by the partners of librarians
(lecturers, researchers, students) so that the librarian’s profession becomes
useful to them. Especially in the middle of the onslaught of the digital era
today, the library as the heart of universities is expected to have a “added
value” in improving publications, especially academic people and in general
are people outside the campus. Regardless of the rapid access to information,
the existence of a college library will not be replaced in the breath of
the educational process. Librarians can take positions to become agents in
supporting the strengthening of lecturer scientific publications and institutional
visibility through publication to reputable journals.


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